Colbert Compares Trump to a Butterfly: They are Both ‘Fragile Creatures’ with ‘Paper-Thin Skin’

‘It’s just that Trump never left his larval form’


COLBERT: “The actual problem isn't for the butterflies, of course. It's for the people who work to preserve them on their southern migratory route, because the wall would cut the 100-acre property in two, with as much as 70% of the land inaccessible. And the people at the butterfly center say they've already found government contractors cutting down their trees and mowing down brush that provides critical habitat for butterflies. It's like trump's people are saying, "I know kids in cages sounded evil, so we've toned it down: We're just murdering the butterflies!" I am surprised trump's letting them get away with this. After all, he's got a lot in common with butterflies: They're both fragile creatures with bright, iridescent coloring, and paper-thin skin. It's just that Trump never left his larval form.”

(Via Mediaite)

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