Joe Concha: Where’s the Evidence That Actor Jussie Smollett Was Attacked?

‘I want to find evidence to support the claim’


CONCHA: “Because, Tucker, how do you learn from when you are a little kid all the way through an adult with a career. You learn by being held accountable for things. If you make a major mistake and it's funny because we talked about, this the mistakes are never made, let's put it this way. When also a was the last time you saw a major mistake in big journalism piece any big outlet against a democratic lawmaker. When mistakes are made there is never almost with exceptions ramifications, suspensions, actual firings. If you know you can get away with something, you just keep doing it one thing I'm noticing with this story here, tucker, if you Google Jesse Smollet and attack, almost every headline I says there is no word, it's very key here before it alleged attack. When you take alleged out, it becomes fact. Like pearl harbor was attacked. When you take alleged out suddenly it becomes absolute truth. So, in this case let's put it this way. If I'm a journalist I remove the noise here. I remove the fact that Smollet is a celebrity. I remove the fact that he is anti-Trump. That's not a big surprise. I remove the fact that these were pro-church alleged attackers that went after him. And I want to find evidence to support the claim. How do you find the evidence? Smollet said he was on the phone during the attack with his manager. All right. So man says he was attacked by two men, right? So if he is on the phone, then, therefore, he should turn over his phone records. When he does he heavily redacts them and his excuse is he doesn't want the Chicago police to see his contacts? Okay, how about the manager? Has he turned over his phone? Reportedly he hasn't. When you take that evidence out of this story you have to question it. When I watch that interview tomorrow with robin Roberts on ABC, she better press him on that point. Why wouldn't you turn over the only evidence that's available if we haven't seen this on camera?”

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