Trump: The Deal with China Is Going Very Well

‘The economy is doing incredibly well’


TRUMP: "I just want to say before -- before you leave, the economy is doing incredibly well, numbers are really high, really good. We have a big team of people, very talented people over in China right now, negotiating on the China deal. It’s going along very well. We’ll see what happens but I think it’s going along very well. They’re showing us tremendous respect, and something which a lot of countries didn’t used to show the United States, they’re showing us respect now. Big difference from the old days, I will tell you that. So the deal with China is going very well. The economy is doing fantastically. You saw the Gallup poll that came out, 69 percent or so say they’re going to be in better shape next year than even this year, they’re very happy right now. And that’s the best numbers they’ve had in 16 or 17 years. But the economy is strong. We have a lot of companies coming into the United States. They want to come into the United States. So, we have a lot of good things happening. And the wall is being built as we speak. Thank you all very much. Thank you."

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