Noah: Trump Should Love Dogs, They Can Pee on Your Bed for Free

‘He managed to turn white people against dogs’

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NOAH: “Yeah, Obama had a dog! Ha ha ha! What? Did that guy just scream Obama had a dog, like it's a bad thing? That's how much Trump has persuasion over his people at these rallies. He managed to turn white people against dogs. The thing people -- white people love more than anything. When people choose a movie, they aren't choose anything where a dog dice. Imlol and me is too sad, a dog dice. Let's watch Schindler's list. Trump should love dogs. They pee all over your bed and you don't even have to pay them. I know! Bad dog! Bad dog! Bad dog! Who made that joke?! Who made that joke?! So last night's Trump rally was a Trump rally. He'll build a wall, the wall is almost finished, he'll build the wall out of dogs.”

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