CNN’s Erin Burnett: Can Trump Really Bash Ilhan Omar and Say She Should Resign Given His Track Record?

‘It’s hypocritical’


BURNETT: "Scott, can he really attack Omar and say that her apology is lame, she didn't mean it, and it’s deep-seated in her heart when that’s his track record?"

JENNINGS: "Look, the President does not have a perfect track record on these issues. And my views on Charlottesville, specifically, are well known and well aired on this network. It was the darkest moment of his presidency. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a reasonable conversation about a member of the House Democratic majority. She didn’t just invent this by accident. She has had anti-Semitic language associated with her since 2012. And I know we’re going to play whataboutism with Donald Trump. That’s fine and you can pull a lot of stuff out, you have done that. But the reality is that Republicans just dealt with a very similar situation by taking someone off committees. The fact that they’re unwilling to do that, the congresswoman you just interviewed wouldn’t even use her name, wouldn’t even use — "

(Via Mediaite)

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