Chuck Todd Says Trump Engaging in ‘Unprecedented Level’ of Deception: He’s ‘Pretending’ To Build the Wall

‘The president seems to be pretending to fulfill his promise by pretending to build his wall’


TODD: "It's always nice to show off a different part of the studio. Thank you, Nicolle. If it’s Tuesday, are we bordering on make-believe? Good evening. I’m Chuck Todd here in Washington. Welcome to MTP Daily. We begin tonight with an unprecedented level of presidential deception. We're not going to bring the alternate reality camera out tonight, because we got the big table out. But right now, the President seems to be pretending to fulfill his campaign promise by pretending to build his wall. This was the scene at his rally in El Paso, Texas, last night. And when the crowds chanted 'build the wall,' he attempted to correct them. It's 'finish the wall.' As the giant banners told them to say.

(Via Mediaite)

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