Sherrod Brown Says GOP Has ‘Prospered’ by Appealing to ‘Prejudices and Fears,’ Cites Cheney Biopic ‘Vice’ as Proof

‘I mean Republicans have prospered as a party that has appealed to fear for years’


REPORTER: "Are you concerned about a similar --  similarly crowded field?"
BROWN: "No, because we don't have people that appeal to racism and bigotry and people's prejudices and fears. I mean Republicans have -- Republicans have prospered as a party that has appealed to fear for years. Go watch Vice — I think it's Vice, is that the name of the movie, the Adam McKay movie about Cheney? Is it Vice, yeah?"
UNKNOWN FEMALE: "Yeah, it is Vice."
BROWN: "And I mean, the appeal -- the appeals to fear are always sort of behind -- the man behind the screen, or now the man in front of the screen, in -- in Republican Party politics. So because we don't have candidates that do that and we don't have a recent party history of doing that -- that we will not produce anybody like Donald Trump from a crowded primary field."

(h/t The Washington Free Beacon)

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