Joe Scarborough: It’s Not Going To Be Easy to Push Trump out of the Office

‘Democrats have an uphill battle here’


SCARBOROUGH: “Last night, Willie, if you’re looking at some of Donald Trump’s speech last night, it had all the worst elements there. It had, you know, Donald Trump attacking press freedoms, Donald Trump whipping his crowd into such a frenzy that a BBC reporter got beaten up, Donald Trump challenging the rule of law, questioning the rule of law. You know, it was just, again — Donald Trump lying about the wall. 'We’ve already started building it all along the Rio Grande. Check it out.' Just rambling on about German shepherds. Instead of 'I hate mosquitoes,' it was, 'I love German shepherds. Maybe I should get one. No, I’m not going get one.' Talking to himself. But there was a closing argument and whoever wrote it wrote a strong closing argument and any Democrat that thinks they are going to cake walk to beating Donald Trump in 2020 like they thought in 2016 and like everybody in the press thought in 2016, you need to watch the last four or five minutes of the speech and understand Democrats have an uphill battle here. It’s not going to be easy."

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