Noah to Bezos: You Could’ve Just Sent a Cover of Yourself in Forbes Magazine Instead of a D*ck Pic

‘But when you have $140 billion, dick pics make no sense!’


NOAH: “But when you have $140 billion, dick pics make no sense! First of all, every dick looks poor. You never see wean that looks good. Riff dick looks like it's asking for loose change. You could make it look rich, but it is like, how did that poor guy get that faberge egg. He could have paid Pixar to animate the dick and send it to the woman. Forget it. Just send a photo of "Forbes" magazine you're the richest man in the world. If Jeff bezos text med at 3:00 A.M. Like are you up? I would be like you better brief it and I got a bag packed, Jeff, let's go. Bezos is an idiot for sending dickpics. He shouldn't be black mailed, though. His punishment should be all his future pics get sent with Amazon reviews. One star, item not as described.”

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