Trump in El Paso: ‘A Few Thousand Feet Away’ Is Juarez, Mexico, ‘One of the Most Dangerous Cities’

‘Walls save tremendous numbers of lives’

TRUMP: "A few thousand feet as an example. From where we stand right now on the other side of the border it is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, words Mexico. The people there agree. Thanks to a powerful border wall and El Paso, Texas it is one of America's safest cities now. It's a few feet away, last year Juarez had 1,200 murders. El Paso right next door a few feet away, had 23 murders. But they 1,000 200 we want to stop drugs, traffickers, drugs from coming in, walls save lives, walls save tremendous numbers of lives. The biggest proposal of open borders are rich roof liberals and wealthy donors. These are hypocrites. Who of post- security for you while living their entire lives. I do to to be honest I am guilty. I also live behind walls. They live behind walls and Gates that have guards all over the place because they want to be safe and they want to make America safe if you don't mind."

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