Tucker: Over Crowded Countries Are Dirty Countries

‘You’re not going to have a cleaner country with open borders’


STEYN: “Well, actually, if you accept that carbon is bad, and I don't particularly, there's a contradiction between the green new deal, and open borders, which the Democrats are also committed T. The average person in the western world have a carbon footprint, 30 times the size of everyone, of somebody in say, Somalia. We bring everyone from Somalia to Minnesota, we would be better off in Minnesota to Somalia. And I hope that is Alexandria Casio Cortez's -- stereo.”

CARLSON: “I just. To point out to the Viers. What you are watching on the screen, is the president arriving in El Paso, Texas for an event scheduled, I think at the bottom of this hour. But that's, I mean, you just pointed out, Mark Steyn, I think a really important contradiction in this whole world view which is, you're not going to have a cleaner country with open borders, not because over crowded countries are dirty countries, period.”

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