Hungary Rejects Mass Migration, Prefers Social Cohesion, Pro-Family Policies

‘We never judge those who think that multiculturalism is more beneficial for them’


SZIJJÁRTÓ: "We have made it very clear during the debate in the European Union that we do not consider migration as a proper answer to our challenges regarding demography, or our challenges regarding the labor market. We have different solutions. When it comes to demography, we would rather support our families to be able to raise more kids, and not to make it an economic decision whether to have another kid or not. We have introduced obligatory kindergarten for free. Basically, for most of the kids, elementary school is absolutely free of charge, even when it comes to meal, even when it comes to books. We have introduced a taxation system which favors a family. So, in case of raising three kids and having a salary around the average, you are basically exempt from paying personal income tax. You can get good tax exemptions, you can get very good benefits if you build a house or buy one, and you have a family, you have kids in the family. So, family policy targets the challenges regarding demography.”

(Via Breitbart)

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