Jess McIntosh on Rep. Omar: Every Single Extremist Murder in America in 2018 Was Right Wing Extremism

‘Until the Repub’lican Party is willing to address that real threat, they have no business weighing in on this


McINTOSH: “I think it’s important to not be glib about stereotypes that have been used to demonize, oppress and murder minorities. I think she was glib about that. I'm glad she apologized. I think her apology was really thoughtful. And I tend to believe she’s having these tough conversations because that’s the kind of work she does regularly. Where I need to draw the line is Republicans saying she needs to be removed from positions of leadership. The President literally looked at a group of Nazis and said they were made up of some very fine people. Until they are willing to address the violent anti-Semitism — the ADL put out a study saying every single extremist murder that happened in America in 2018 was right-wing extremism. This is spurred on by the President and until the Republican Party is willing to address that very real threat, they have no business weighing in on this.”

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