National Black Farmers Association Founder Defends Northam: Trump Makes Racist Comments Every Day and Nobody Impeached Him

‘We have modern day racist like Steve King’


BOYD JR.: “People can look at that and continue to judge the governor, but he came out and asked for forgiveness and I believe that it is time in this country to bring this country together. We are so far apart on race with the President making, I believe, racist comments just about every day and nobody asked to impeach him or anything like that. There's nothing pending in the House or Senate to impeach this president. We have modern day racist like Steve King who makes those types of statements right now. So we have the governor on one hand asking for forgiveness and his door open. And I have been right here on this show asking for a meeting with the President to discuss why African-American farmers can’t get their checks from the government. I've been on this very show asking for a meeting, but the agriculture secretary, all those meetings fell upon deaf ears and this governor is reaching out to me to get my advice on race relations in the state of Virginia. There's a big difference there."

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