Judge Nap on AMI/Bezos: If They Are Prosecuted for Being Part of the Michael Cohen Conspiracy, [That’s] Bad News for the President

‘This is very troublesome for AMI because they signed an agreement with AMI in the Michael Cohen case’


NAPOLITANO: “Because of the close relationship between David Pecker and Donald Trump. Look, I have seen — I studied this all weekend. But I’ve seen no evidence of this. But that is the the implication in the media that if Jeff Bezos continues his investigation that’s where it will lead. Now there’s two issues here. One, is was this blackmail? If it happened as Jeff says it did, it clearly was blackmail -- not extortion, blackmail. Two, this is very troublesome for AMI, because they signed an agreement with the federal government in the Michael Cohen case. They must be as pure as Caesar wife in three years, otherwise the agreement not to prosecute them is no longer in place. If they’re prosecuted for being part of a Michael Cohen conspiracy, bad news for the president."

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