CNN: Feds Investigating Bezos’ Claims Against National Enquirer

‘Bezos took the unusual step of making the whole thing public’


MARQUARDT: "The National Enquirer’s parent company hitting back today at stinging allegations and revelations by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, saying in a statement it believes fervently that it acted lawfully, that it was in good faith negotiations to resolve all matters with Bezos. AMI also promising to launch an internal investigation into Bezos’s long list of claims against them, including what he called extortion and blackmail, when AMI threatened to leak risque photos of him. Sources telling CNN federal prosecutors are also looking into his accusations. In his blog post, Bezos alleges that AMI had a cozy relationship, not just with the Trump White house, but with Saudi Arabia, also alleged in published reports. Last yeat, AMI put out a 97-page glossy magazine heralding the Kingdon''s new Crown Prince and his vision ahead of his trip to the U.S. The Saudi embassy in Washington claim they had no involvement or knowledge of the AMI publication with Prince Mohammad bin Salman on the cover.” 

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