Marc Morano Slams AOC’s Green New Deal: ‘Plagiarism Pure and Simple,’ ‘Big Ball of Crazy Wish List’

‘This is essentially the environmental Left’


MORANO: "This is essentially the environmental left and the left wish list over the last 40 years all thrown into one package and they don’t want to debate it on the merits of the economics. We’re told we need to do all of this from banning meat to airline getting rid to getting rid of the internal combustion engine all to save from us a climate emergency. And yet we are not told how to expect better weather if we actually pass this thing. It would have no impact on the climate even if you believe Al Gore and the United Nations and all the silliness that sometimes they claim. This plan is plagiarism, pure and simple. They borrowed it from the 1960’s and 1970s. In my book I detail how different environmental scares, overpopulation, resource scarcity, even global cooling, had the same solutions: wealth redistribution, central planning, sovereignty limiting and just a massive government intervention."

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