State Department Spokesperson Robert Palladino Addresses Lack of Briefings

‘We remain committed to do all we can to provide transparency’


REPORTER: "Last year, there were 61 briefings. By comparison, in 2016, there were 219 briefings for the year. Why are there so few briefings and is this ever going to be a daily briefing again?"

PALLADINO: "This is the Department press briefing, I would say first, and since Secretary Pompeo's leadership last April, he really has taken a lot of steps to increase media engagement here at the State Department, across the United States, frankly, and around the world. There's been an expansion. We remain committed to doing all that we can to provide transparency for the American people and to explain our foreign policy around the world. Now, the Secretary has been in this press briefing room now nine times for nine televised briefings. We hope to continue."

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