Sebelius in Hot Seat: Congress Battle HHS Secretary Over ObamaCare Chaos

Kathleen Sebelius offers apology for ‘miserably painful’ website

Kathleen Sebelius, welcome to an unwelcome Washington tradition: The deathwatch (Washington Post)

It’s Kathleen Sebelius’s turn now. On the Hill, they’re calling for her resignation and tossing around words like “subpoena.” Pundits are merrily debating her future. (She’s toast! Or is Obama too loyal to fire her so soon?) Her interviews, more closely parsed than usual, seem wobbly. Though never a colorful presence on the political scene, she’s suddenly a late-night TV punch line.

And on Wednesday morning, the embattled secretary of health and human services will submit to a quintessential station of the Washington deathwatch — testifying before a congressional committee — to discuss her agency’s failings in the botched rollout of the federal health-insurance Web site.

We’ve seen it so many times before. But how does it feel?

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