MSNBC’s Ari Melber Slams Fox News for ‘Double Standard’ on Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ vs Obama’s Golfing

‘Logically you might want him to work more to be more productive’


MELBER: "Whatever, is the rebuttal there. Now I want to be very clear, because we've been reporting on this. There’s nothing automatically ideological about this topic. Donald Trump doesn’t work a lot in the White House. If you are a Trump fan, logically, you might want him to work more to be more productive. Our original reporting noting Trump, for example, has failed to appoint many key posts. That’s part of the work of his job and that would seem to be bad news for any of his fans and perhaps good news for Trump critics who don’t want him being productive. And that's why this whole thing is getting weirder and weirder. We know that leaving this much open unscheduled time is not common among top CEOs. Trump works less than them and we know Trump is working less than Obama or past presidents. We know these same Fox pundits defending Trump's executive time schedule, lit up President Obama for being 'too leisurely' which does expose their double standard. Because we also know Trump golfs far more than Obama based on two years of data."

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