Mercedes Schlapp: ‘President Trump Is the Ultimate Freedom Fighter’

‘His message last night about making sure that America will never be a socialist country, resonated for so many of us’


SCHLAPP: "President Trump is the ultimate freedom fighter. His message last night about making sure that America will never be a socialist country resonated for so many of us. My father, who was a political prisoner in Cuba, really suffered under authoritarianism, suffered under the government control of everything that meant so much to my father, which is they took all of my father’s businesses in Cuba. So, the mere fact that the left has made this decision, that they are no longer our grandfathers' Democratic Party, but they are really striving for becoming a socialist party where it's government control, it’s Medicare-for-all, where it's the fact that the government makes decisions for the individual, that’s anti-American. That’s why President Trump stands up for freedom. He understands what our Founding Fathers meant in the Constitution of ensuring that we have the ability to build a great country, where we can be prosperous, where we ensure that our economic policies work. And the mere fact is that socialism as we know it stifles innovation and stifles entrepreneurship and literally would be so destructive in America."

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