‘Senator Somebody?’ Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Find One Person Who Can Identify Mike Pence

‘12 percent of American adults have not heard of Mike Pence’


KIMMEL: “According to a new poll from CNN, 12% of American adults have never heard of Mike Pence, the vice-president. Of course, the number expected to go down when he becomes president in a few months. But until then —  If you’re one of those people, Mike Pence is the vice-president of the united he was created when a bolt of lightning struck a contarren of nonfat yogurt. I find this to be shocking. I’m not so sure I believe it. So in the interest of science, we went out in the street today and we conducted our own poll. We showed pedestrians a photo of Mike Pence and we said, who is this man? And this is how that went.”

(Via Mediaite)

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