Sebelius: ‘This Market Has Always Been The Wild West’

‘Usually to the group markets, where 90 percent of Americans get their policies; this market has always been the wild west’

GREEN: "But some of these millions of letters we're hearing about are probably because their plans changed?"
SEBELIUS: "Absolutely. And again, in the individual market, plans change every year. Insurers design new products."
GREEN: "Even in a small business market that happens. These plans are not allowed now because they are completely inadequate and don't offer the minimum essential benefits, is that correct?"
SEBELIUS: "That's correct."
GREEN: "And having been a state legislator and I know as governor in Kansas, I assume every state has some type of minimum mandated benefits that they have for their health insurance plans."
SEBELIUS: "They do, but it applies again sir, in the past, usually to the group markets, where 90 percent of Americans get their policies. This market has always been the wild west."

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