Rep. Kevin McCarthy: President Offered Shutdown Solutions, Democrats Vacationed

‘They littered this chamber with messaging bills that didn’t come close to solving the problem and would never be signed into law’


MCCARTHY: “A glorified press release that the majority is having this chamber spend time on, at another yet underwhelming legislative week. A a time when the country expects its leaders in Washington look forward, this House majority is looking backwards. When our country expect solutions, they’re using this chamber to settle political scores. As hundreds of thousands of Americans painfully experienced, portions of our federal Government were shut down for 35 days. A shameful record under this majority’s watch. It was a shutdown that never had to happen. Let’s recall last December, when this House passed an appropriations bill that would have funded the Government, secure the border and provided disaster assistance to the millions affected by hurricanes and fires. And most importantly, it was a bill that would have been signed into law. And this occurred under the then-leader Pelosi declared in the Oval Office earlier that month that our House majority couldn’t pass such a bill. That legislation went to the Senate, and alas, Senator Schumer stopped it. And in doing so, once again, Senator Schumer shut this Government down. From the moment Senator Schumer blocked consideration of that appropriation bill, President Trump and congressional Republicans offered solution after solution after solution after solution to solve the challenge. In all, the President offered four reasonable solutions to end the shutdown and secure the border. The Democrats never offered one. In fact, they went on vacation and political fundraisers to Puerto Rico. They littered this chamber with messaging bills that didn’t come close to solving the problem and would never be signed into law.”

(Via Breitbart)

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