Sarah Sanders Rips the White House Press Corps: When I Get on That Podium, I See a Lot of ‘Angry Faces’

‘I think it is outrageous that the leadership of Democrats haven’t called on these people to either take their comments back’


HUCKABEE SANDERS: "You know, it depends on the day. I do think that varies but, you know, a lot of times — and I think people are free to look at it themselves. You see — and this isn't everybody, and I don’t want to generalize the crowd. But you see a lot of, like, angry faces, people that their sole purpose is to find this gotcha moment, to catch you. Their job is not to get information — which is what the briefing is supposed to be. It’s to trip you up. And I think if the briefing loses purpose, and it isn’t a good resource for the American people to get information and answers to real questions, then you do have to wonder if that’s the best form in order to put a message out. There's certainly no desire by our team, and certainly by the President, to withhold information. Again, we think we have an amazing story to tell. We're not afraid to take tough questions, but we want to make sure that it's productive and that it's not for the purpose of destroying the President, distorting the message or destroying the messenger as we go through that process."

(Via Mediaite)

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