Noah: Amount Force Used on Roger Stone Seemed Excessive However Those Orders Came From Trump

‘And then when one of them gets arrested, they will be, like, did you see how he held me?’


NOAH: “Here's the thing, you have Trump and his people lambasting the police for what they did, and it's interesting to me how, for how long, how many years have black people been saying police in America are extreme the way thaw arrest people, the way they interact with citizens when they take them away. Every time black people say it, what do they say on the right? Oh, well, that's the law. Blue lives matter. You've got to respect the police. They're doing their jobs! And then when one of them gets arrested, they will be, like, did you see how he held me?! He put my hands behind my back! You can't do anything when your hands are behind your back! I'm a 66-year-old man! And it's, like, but, yeah, look what police do to young, black kids. And they will be like, yeah, the kids, how were the police supposed to know? How were they supposed to know with Roger Stone? He was, like, the police were out of hand, they were like the gestapo. When cops arrest you, they're Nazis? But when they go after black people, well, that's the law, you shouldn't have gotten on the wrong side of the law! I will be honest, I agree with Roger Stone. I think the amount of force the police used to arrest him did seem excessive, coming in with bullet-proof vests, you don't need that for the guy. But I honestly don't blame the cops, they were just following orders from the top.”

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