‘Racism and Misogyny’: Fox News’ Juan Williams Breaks with Co-Hosts on Defending MAGA Hat

‘I don’t understand that you guys don’t see that this hat is loaded with meaning’

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WILLIAMS: "To me, you got to just be open-minded about it and say okay, but I must say I don't understand that you guys don't see that this hat is loaded with meaning for people in terms of being associated with Donald Trump."

GUTFELD: "What about a Malcolm X hat?"

WILLIAMS: "If you want to say that, fine. We know what Malcolm X stood for and we know what Donald Trump stands for."

GUTFELD: "Are you saying they're same?"

WILLIAMS: "Definitely not. If it's grabbing women or talking about Mexicans as rapists — "

ORTAGUS: "Or job growth."

WILLIAMS: "Not job growth. Wear an Obama hat in that case."

GUTFELD: "The biggest in history, minorities, women, job history — "

WILLIAMS: "I'm just saying — I mean, the racism, the misogyny. I think a lot of people think, what are you doing with this hat?"

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