Fox News Reporter John Roberts Snarks About Trump Attack in Briefing: ‘Since I Know So Little…’

‘Why he doesn’t believe that they deserve or should have a path to status’


ROBERTS: "Since I know so little about this, let me ask you a couple of questions. See if I can educate myself."

HUCKABEE SANDERS: "At least we can agree on something."

ROBERTS: "Senator Joe Manchin said yesterday that if the President were to move further on DACA and offer at least a path to status, if not a path to citizenship, he would likely get more Democrats to come to his idea about the need for a border barrier. The President has been resistant going any further than offering three years of more protections. What is the reason why the President doesn’t believe that DACA recipients should have a path to status?"

HUCKABEE SANDERS: "Again, I’m not going to negotiate up here. That’s the reason — "

(Via Mediaite)

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