Sol Wisenberg on Roger Stone: ‘He Would Be Practically Worthless as a Government Witness’

‘Roger Stone has had so many things at so many different times to so many people and is considered such a loony-bird’


WISENBERG: "None. If you mean that we’re interpreting it that he's holding out a potential olive branch to Bob Mueller. First of all, Bob Mueller doesn’t want a witness like Roger Stone, unless he's got absolutely bombshell information, and I doubt that he does. Roger Stone has said so many things at so many different times to so many people and he considered to be such a loony bird that he would be practically worthless as a Government witness. You can lie and get caught in the lie, and still be a good Government witness, if you plead to a felony, and you get up in court, you say I lied and I’m paying the price for it. Stone is just too weird as a public figure. He's told so many stories that I don’t think Mueller is interested in him, unless there's some major bombshell, and I don't think there is."

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