CNN’s Jim Acosta Wonders If Sarah Sanders Will ‘Come Back to the Real World’

‘It will be interesting to see whether Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the team here have come back to the real world when she steps out to the podium’


ACOSTA: “And one thing finally, Brooke, getting back to the shutdown, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, really emerged at the end of that process late Friday, as somebody who you know, even conservative allies of the President agreed had really just sort of taught the President a lesson. And so, one of the things I’ll be listening to keenly is whether or not the White House will even admit that they did not come out ahead on this whole standoff over Government funding and the wall down on the border. They’ve been trying to insist over the last few days and the President did this over the weekend in one of his tweets, that this was not a concession on the part of the President. That is obviously kind of an assessment that is just not dealing with reality. And you and I we were talking about some of this on Friday when were watching the Rose Garden speech from the President. It will be interesting to see whether or not Sarah Sanders and the White House team over here have truly come back to the real world when she steps out to the podium here in about 30 minutes from now."

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