Ignatius: Pelosi’s the ‘Dealmaker,’ ‘She’s What Donald Trump Pretends To Be’

‘She is what Donald Trump pretends to be’


IGNATIUS: “It can be. I just have this hunch, I could be wrong, I could be too optimistic, that rather than take the country back in the shutdown land, that Nancy Pelosi, who is a dealmaker, she is what Donald Trump pretends to be, will find a package that has so much money in it for things Democrats can defend. You heard Donna Shalala over the weekend say, 'We want border security, we want to spend the money, we want to be there on this issue,' and come out of it with a formula that is very hard for Trump to turn down. The only other thing I wonder, given how upset the public is about the shutdown, whether we won’t see more efforts to say this tactic is just not acceptable anymore in American politics. That whatever else we do, we're going to have some continuing resolution built in. And I think that would be a great way to back the Republicans up.”

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