ABC Discovers Brian Williams Scandal: Lie ‘Tarnishes’ His Reputation

‘Door gunner Mike O’Keefe even called Brian Williams “a liar”‘

ABC Discovers Brian Williams Scandal: Lie 'Tarnishes' His Reputation (NewsBusters)

ABC on Friday finally woke up to the scandal engulfing NBC competitor Brian Williams. Good Morning America's David Wright covered the story and gravely intoned, "This controversy threatens to tarnish the reputation of America's number one news anchor." Wright then recounted the false story Williams has been peddling for years, that a RPG struck an Army helicopter he was on in Iraq. 

Regarding the man who Williams credited for saving him after being hit by a missile in 2003, Wright mocked his network competitor: "The news anchor took his old war buddy, now retired, to a New York Rangers game."

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