Julian Castro: ‘I Absolutely Would Look at Undoing’ Trump’s Tax Cuts ‘That Benefited the Super-Wealthy’

‘We’ll also have to look at other ways of raising revenue’


CASTRO: “I absolutely would look at undoing the tax cuts that benefited the super wealthy and benefited corporations. We also, as you know, Jake, we’ll have to look at other other ways of raising revenue. But I have said very clearly that I believe that it’s worth it. I believe that in this nation, the wealthiest nation on Earth, there is no reason that anybody should go without health care when they need it. I’m under no illusion that that’s going to be easy. And during the course of this campaign, I look forward to putting forth a plan on how we’d pay for that because I do think that Americans deserve to know from candidates for president how they’ll do that, even though I will point out, as you all have seen, that Donald Trump went through an entire presidential cycle, not only not releasing his tax returns, but never telling the American people how he was going to pay for anything or what his plans were. I think that we need to do better than that. During the course of this campaign, we will.”

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