Sam Nunberg: Roger Stone ‘Would Have Used Wikileaks’ and He Would Have Met Assange If Invited

‘Roger would have even gone into the embassy and met with Julian Assange, had he been invited’

REID: "Let’s talk about thactual substatae of charges I went through and read the indictment yesterday and let’s just go through a couple of things that were one of them was this question of how Roger Stone was making all of these predictions, some of them on Twitter, about whose time in the barrel was going to be next, about what was coming and whether or not he was interacting with the trump campaign during it here’s one element of the indictment on or about September 18, 2016, stone e-mailed person two, who is now known and I think has been confirmed by him to be Randy credico, an article with allegations against then candidate Clinton related to her service as secretary of state. Stone stated, “Please ask the head of organization one,” which would be Wikileaks, “For any state or hrc e-mail from August 10 to August 30, particularly on August 20, 2011, that mentioned subject of the article or confirm this narrative.” It sounds as if stone was intending to use Wikileaks as essentially a place to mine opposition research on Hillary Clinton. Would that be accurate
NUNBERG: "Yes look, I think Roger would have usedikileaks I think Roger would have even gone into the embassy and met with Julian Assange, had he been invited, but he didn’t and in terms of this, it’s that he made himself — this has been my issue and this is one of the reasons why it was very difficult for me to go into a grand jury, sosobody who’s worked for me, is because he made himself such a target during this process, which he dn’t have to do for a bunch of reasons that they then started looking into this. And now when you’re looking into person two, person one, we’re talking about Randy credico and Jerome Corsi —"

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