Gutfeld on the Shutdown Deal: ‘This Is a Personal Vendetta Against Trump’

‘Whether you like him or hate him he is the phenomenon for the last two years that created this animosity’


GUTFELD: "What he said. He lost the battle, but the war is still going — look, okay. This is tiresome, it is boring and it is infuriating and it is frustrating because this isn’t just pure politics, this is a petulant reaction to a phenomenon, right? Walls are normal, we have walls, they'd be willing to spend more money than he's actually asking for, so it’s not about immigration at all. It is about Trump. And Trump, whether you like him or hate him, he is the phenomenon of the last two years that has created this kind of animosity. These people — I don’t see any compromise coming in this because if the Dems compromise, the media will just rip them to shreds. This is a personal vendetta against Trump. They are putting now security and putting the Government employees, you know to the side in favor of their own personal hatred of Trump. That is why I find it so boring and so tiresome because I know this isn’t going to change. We will get two more years, possibly six more years of this."

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