Chris Matthews Rips Senate for Inaction on Shutdown: ‘What Are They Doing Except D*cking Around?’

‘I don’t think Trump can move without a wall of some kind’


HICKENLOOPER: “He rushed in with a lot of bravado, sort of like a child. Without really thinking what am I going to do next? And now he's got a place where he's stuck with theses demands and he realizes no one -- I mean putting a wall up has been a symbol. The rest of the world will see us locking people out and someone told me the other day as I was coming out here that if you think of exports from America, one of the great ways cash comes in is from tourists around the world. That's down 8% the last couple of years. You put a wall up and see what you do to that source of revenue for the country.”

(Via Mediaite)

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