Kerry on Ukraine Conflict: ‘You Can Not Have a One-Sided Peace’

‘There have been a number of off-ramps for Russia to take over the course of the past months, but unfortunately, they’ve been left in the rear-view mirror’

"Russia and the separatists are seizing more territory, terrorizing more citizens and refusing to participate in serious negotiations. Let there be no doubt about who is blocking the prospect of peace here. They continue to refuse Ukraine to control of its own border, its own border.

This is an international border recognized as the sovereign property and line of demarcation of a nation state in the modern world. And yet, Russia with impunity, seemingly has acted to cross that border at will with weapons, with personnel, with the instruments of death that they are bringing into Ukraine. Russia and the separatists are seizing more territory and continuing to refuse control to Ukraine of its rights as a sovereign nation ...

There have been a number of off-ramps for Russia to take over the course of the past months. But unfortunately, they have been left in the rear, rear mirror. Those off-ramps are narrowing and there is still an opportunity to be able to seize them ...

The only way that it ends is through diplomacy. We have no illusions that there is a, quote, 'military solution' and contrary to some comments that I’ve read in the last days coming from some of the folks who have made the choices to fuel this conflict, we are not choosing a military outcome. We are choosing a peaceful solution through diplomacy but you cannot have a one sided peace.”

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