CNN: Michael Cohen Receives Subpoena from Senate Intel Committee to Testify Next Month

‘Michael Cohen received a subpoena today from the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify in mid-February’


BOLDUAN: “The president's former attorney, Michael Cohen, as we well know, he is now facing a subpoena. He is now being subpoenaed to testify on Capitol Hill. Let's go to Kara Scannell she's got more details for us. This seems quite important. Kara, what you got?"
SCANNELL: "That's right, Kate. So sources close to Michael Cohen tells my colleagues Gloria Borger and Pamela Brown, that Michael Cohen received a subpoena today from the Senate Intelligence Committee to testify in mid-February. Now, the source close to Cohen tells Pam and Gloria that he has some of the same concerns that he had for the reasons why he postponed his hearing with the House Oversight Committee, you know, the threats that he says he received from the president and his attorney Rudy Giuliani. Now, it's not clear the source says how Cohen will respond to this subpoena. But we know the Senate Intelligence Committee has conducted a lot of their hearings behind closed doors in private. We are not clear at this point whether the terms of this subpoena would be for testimony in closed session or in public session. But our new information is that the Senate intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Michael Cohen for his testimony in mid-February. Cohen reports to prison in early March to serve out his three-year prison term.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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