David Gregory: ‘I Think We Are Getting Closer’ To a Deal on the Shutdown

‘I think we are getting closer because they’re getting into a legislative process’


GREGORY: "I think we are getting closer because they’re getting into a legislative process. It may be a dead end, but there is some room for negotiation here obviously. One, they could continue down the path of negotiation only if the President reopens the government, once they have some legislation in place. And then you can obviously see a negotiation around how much border wall funding and how much of an extension for the DREAMers, permanent or something less. Those are the outlines here. Remember, the contours of this bill were available last year at the price of $25 billion. It’s now at $5.7 billion to get an extension for the DREAMers, although this is not being offered as a permanent extension. So there’s still a lot of public posturing going on. I think if it’s in the legislative process and people are talking more quietly, then you'll there’s an actual negotiation happening."

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