Dem Rep. Bennie Thompson: ‘It’s an Insult’ Trump Only Spent Two Minutes at MLK Statue

‘We need leadership from the White House, not someone whose always having temper tantrums’


THOMPSON: “Well, let me tell you, you look at a person’s record. The fact checkers have indicated that President Trump has lied over 7,000 times since he’s been in office. He’s talked about women. He’s talked about minorities. He’s talked about every group of people you can imagine. You have to set a higher standard for so for him to go to martin Luther king’s statute today for two minutes and my understanding is that’s all he had on his schedule today, two minutes on a national holiday for a man so great who gave his life for this country to make it a better place, I think it’s an insult. A lot of people react differently. Congressman Jeffreys has his opinion, we all have our own opinion but I can tell you this, the president should do better. He can’t talk about people every day and expect people to respect that’s not being presidential. It’s about leadership. Mr. President, we need leadership from the White House, not someone whose always having temper tantrums.”

(Via Breitbart)

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