Dem Congressman: Rudy Giuliani Sounds Like a ‘Crazy Old Uncle’

‘There is a lot of retreat going on here that makes one wonder are you feeding the ground for serious legal admissions tonight?’


BLITZER: "When you say if everything is all right with Giuliani, what are you suggesting?"

CONNOLLY: "He sounds like a crazy old uncle in contradicting himself and in admitting things that heretofore the White House and Mr. Giuliani have steadfastly, absolutely denied, no collusion. Now all of a sudden, well, there was maybe collusion but just not with the President himself. Trump Tower, absolutely not. Nothing was going on during the campaign. Well, maybe — You mean, when he was getting elected President? They were still negotiating? And then the whole question of, you know, BuzzFeed’s assertion that Mr. Cohen was coached to lie and that was — parts of that were denied by Mueller. But now we have an admission by Giuliani that maybe they were talking. We don’t know what — certainly he didn’t coach him to lie. There is a lot of retreat going on here by Giuliani that makes one wonder are you ceding the ground for serious legal admissions that heretofore you denied?"

(Via Mediaite)

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