Tapper to Gillibrand: If Trump’s Immigration Positions Are Racists, Were They Racist When You Held Same Positions?

‘They certainly weren’t empathetic’

TAPPER: "All right. You've said trump's immigration positions are racist. That's the word you used. Racist. Now as you know, you were more conservative early on in your career on immigration. A mailer sent from your congressional office back then, a long time ago, but still in your public life, take a look. You said you were, quote, a firm opponent of give, quote, amnesty to illegal aliens. You said English should be the official language of the united States. You called for expediting deportation of undocumented immigrants. I know you have very different positions today. But if trump's immigration positions are racist, were they racist when you held some of those positions as well?"
GILLIBRAND: "They certainly weren't empathetic and they weren't kind and I did not think about suffering in other people's lives. And one thing I did ten years ago when I became senator and was going to represent 20 million people across our state, I recognized that a lot of places in my state were different and I needed to understand what those constituents needed, too. I took the time. I went down to Brooklyn. I immediate with Velasquez who has been a leader fighting for families for a long time. And I listened and realized things I had said were wrong. I was not caring about others. I was not fighting for other people's kids the same way I was fighting for my own and I was wrong to feel that way. So I just said I'm not going to stand by and do nothing for families that are suffering in my state. And in my communities."

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