Rudy Giuliani: I Used to Like Michael; I’m So Disappointed

‘I don’t know if the president was briefed by him or wasn’t’


TAPPER: "Michael Cohen had the conversation -- I'm just asking what happened or didn't happen."
GIULIANI: "It's not possible.
TAPPER: "Michael Cohen left the conversation thinking this is what the boss wants me to say. The boss wants --
GIULIANI: "Not possible. The guy driving this testimony was Michael Cohen. In other words, you and I are in a deal together. You are the guy running it. I'm the guy sitting back there doing 50 other things. When it comes time to remember what happens, I go to you and you tell me what happened. I don't tell you what happened. So Michael Cohen was telling people what happened. I don't know if the president was briefed by him or wasn't. He certainly was briefed by his all attorney/client privilege but I can tell you this. Michael Cohen's lawyers believed him at the time."

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