MSNBC Guest Calls Trump a Domestic Terrorist, Compares Speech to ‘1933 Nazi Germany’

‘Let’s acknowledge Stephen Miller for again doing a successful 100 percent note for note recreation of 1933 Nazi Germany in the tone and the rhetoric and the language of that speech’

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An MSNBC guest reacted to President Trump’s Saturday speech by calling it a “100 percent note for note recreation of 1933 Nazi Germany.”

Appearing with host Joy Reid on “MSNBC Live” following Trump’s speech, podcaster Fernand Amandi also stated that Democrats should not “negotiate with terrorists, be they foreign or, in this case, domestic.”

President Trump’s proposed plan includes temporary DACA protections and other compromises in exchange for a $5.7 billion down payment on a border wall, and was rejected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi before the speech was even given.

(via the Daily Caller)

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