‘It’s God Who Decides Who Lives and Dies’: Rep. Grayson Slams Obama on Drones

‘Between 10 and 30 percent of the people whom we’ve killed by drone attacks are completely innocent’

Alan Grayson Smacks Obama on Drones: ‘It’s God Who Decides Who Lives and Dies’ (Mediaite)

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) appeared on CNN with anchor Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday to discuss his ongoing efforts to impose on President Barack Obama’s administration some oversight regarding drone strikes. Grayson said that it was not right that so many civilians have been killed “upon the command of one man.”

“We’re undertaking something that’s simply beyond anyone’s capability – trying to decide on the basis of what we see on a computer screen in the United States who lives and who dies 8,000 miles away in a foreign land,” Grayson said. “There’ve already been as many as 200 children – children – who’ve died through these drone attacks in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, and in Yemen.”

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