Harry Litman: If the BuzzFeed Report Wasn’t About Trump, that Guy Would Be Indicted on at Least a Three-Count Felony Charge

‘and almost certainly would be pleading guilty in short order’


VELSHI: “All right. Harry, let’s just put aside the fact that this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, the president of the United States. Let’s assume an average citizen did the things that Trump is accused of. We already know that he directed Cohen to make two hush money payments. There are some questions about whether he knew the legality of that. But put that aside. Here, it is reported that he directed someone to lie to Congress. Talk to me about that.”
LITMAN: “Fine. If this were like a page 3 report in West Virginia about a local businessman, what it would mean is the next week, that guy would be indicted on at least a three-count felony charge and almost certainly would be pleading guilty in short order. It’s as Ken says, a game changer and as serious as a heart attack.”

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