Ari Fleischer Slams Dems for Putting Rep. Omar on the Foreign Affairs Committee: Pelosi Should Ask Her to Step Down

‘The fact that she can’t understand how that’s offensive, it’s one of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes to say that Jews control the world’


FLEISCHER: “But when you put somebody with the record as strong as Congressman Omar of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel on a powerful committee that historically has been a pro-Israel committee, you are sending a signal that the Democrats have changed at the highest level. The problem here is that Democrat grassroots now for 20 years have been on the ascendancy, pushing for increased neutrality between Israel and the Palestinians, Israel and Hamas, Israel and Hezbollah, terrorist groups. Now, Congressman Omar has another problem, and that is the homophobic statements that she's trying to make about the Republican senator, alleging that he is compromised. These are the remarks of the prejudiced, of the narrow-minded. That is how people like that speak and the Democrats put somebody like that on the Foreign Affairs Committee to represent themselves? She should reverse herself. Nancy Pelosi should ask Congresswoman Omar to step down. If she doesn’t step down, the Democratic membership should remove her."

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