GOP Rep. Will Hurd: Border Wall ‘Least Effective’ Way to Secure Out Borders

‘So we should be using technology’


HURD: “The way we’re going to solve this is with technology. Building a wall from sea to shining sea is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security. There are parts of the border where Border Patrol’s response time is measured in hours to days. A wall is not a physical barrier when it takes you hours or days to respond to something. So we should be using technology. DHS, Department of Homeland Security, has new programs that are trying to implement — but guess what? You can’t implement them because the government is shut down. And so this kind of conversation — we need to all work together to solve this problem. Let’s talk about the Secure Fence Act that everybody passed, let's double down on technology at the border, let's make sure our ports of entry are robust. Hey, we’re at 3.9 percent unemployment. We need workers. So let’s streamline immigration at the same time. And deal with the root causes, which is violence and lack of economic opportunities in Central America. State Department is shut down, as well, too. USAID is shutdown. They have a role in doing that as well."

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