Gingrich: We’ve Never Seen the Level of Hostility Between the Speaker of the House and a President

‘Nancy Pelosi has gone out of her way to prove that she is his mortal enemy’


GINGRICH: "Well, look, we have never seen the level of hostility between the Speaker of the House and a President that we have with Nancy Pelosi and President Trump. Nancy Pelosi has gone out of her way to prove that she is his mortal enemy. That if she can destroy his presidency, she will. When he said the other day, 'If I give you everything you want, would you at least agree over the next 30 days that we could solve the wall on the southern border?' She said no. So she's saying, 'You can give me everything I want. I’m still not giving you anything.' Then she decides upon her own — and by the way, I dare her to put this up to a vote in the House because I think her own party will repudiate her, but she decides she will postpone the State of the Union, which thinks shows she is tough. So the President says, 'You want tough? I will give you tough. You are not flying on a military airplane.' I also think he had a good point. Why is she leaving the U.S. for seven days while federal employees are not being paid? Why is she not sitting in Washington getting her job done, finding a compromise? I thought from the President’s side, it was a home run for him to do the what he did and send her the note that said, 'Of course you can go commercial. Frankly, you ought to stay here and negotiate.'"

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