Mika Brzezinski: Nothing Trump Does Will Make Nancy Pelosi Afraid or Rattled

‘Also like Mueller, she knows more than she is saying publicly’


BRZEZINSKI: “So it’s been said that Donald Trump fears two things: his base and Robert Mueller. I think we can add a third person to that list. We said for months here that Bob Mueller is like no adversary Trump has ever faced on the national stage: relentless and dangerous. Now armed with the Speaker's gavel, Nancy Pelosi is demonstrating she’s a lot like Mueller when it comes to her own face-off with Trump. Like Mueller, she has seen it all. She has an advantage over Trump because she gets how the system works better than he does. Nothing Trump does will make her afraid or rattled. Also like Mueller, she knows more than she is saying publicly. She’s gotten inside Trump’s head. She uses her experience and leverage to keep the upper hand in driving press coverage. And again, like Bob Mueller, she is confident she will win in the end. What the shutdown has made clear is Trump is now fighting a two-front war against two tough, wily and very similar threats.”

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